A Brief History Of Oak Furniture

Oak furniture has been commonly produced since medieval times. Oak timber was prized for it's strength and durability, and being a plentiful andcheap resource across most of England, was used in the manufacture of furniture for the poorest to the richest abode.

As England's wealth swelled from the increasing export of woollen cloth in the 16th and 17th centuries, a new and status conscious middle class emerged. The home was very much a sign of status and merchants were spending a great deal on interior furnishings for their properties.

Oak furniture and joinery was in demand for every room in the house, from a simple kitchen chair, to a fine panelled room, or an elaborate tester bed.

A career as a craftsman had healthy prospect, and sons followed their fathers into the carpentry trade by completing the seven-year apprenticeship required to become a member of a Guild. Competition became fierce among the workshops and craftsmen were very protective of their designs and techniques, hence the regional styles of decoration were formed.

When choosing period furniture for the home, history has left us with an enormous selection of possibilities, some better documented than others. The extensive knowledge the Stuart Interiors design team has established over the last 30 years ensures their expertise in period furniture is second to none. Our portfolio includes key pieces of oak furniture selected from history. After careful study of original examples, designs have been recreated for manufacture today and each piece handcrafted in oak or walnut, is produced with meticulous attention to detail ensuring it too will be marvelled at in years to come.

© Images Crown Copyright Reproduced Courtesy of Historic Scotland. www.historicscotlandimages.gov.uk